Connect Partnership Group Ltd. provides opportunities for attendees, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and thought leaders to come together as a community, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and integrity. Connect Partnership Group Ltd. is committed to delivering experiences which embody our core principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. As a participant of any Connect Partnership Group Ltd. event or experience – as an attendee, speaker, sponsor, staff, exhibitor, or in any other way – you agree to be kind, always and a personal conduct that aligns with this commitment.


Our goal is to provide an experience that is respectful to all with zero-tolerance of harassment in any form – in person, online, via an app – as defined and regulated under Canadian law. This includes but is not limited to verbal comments concerning race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, religion or intimidation and stalking, and inappropriate or unwanted physical contact. Similarly, sexual imagery, unwelcome humour or foul language is not appropriate or tolerated in any aspect of Connect Partnership Group Ltd. events or experiences, including conference sessions or networking engagements.

Communication at all Connect Partnership Group Ltd. events is expected to be professional.

Connect Partnership Group Ltd. reserves the right to respond to reported or observed acts of harassment in contravention of this code. This could include removal of your event pass without consideration of reimbursement and/or a longer term ban from participating in future Connect Partnership Group Ltd. events or experiences.

Notifying Connect Partnership Group Ltd. (by email) of harassment, experienced or observed does not replace notification of local law enforcement.


Consider this a “code of conduct” for the conference, if you will; some guiding principles that cover all sessions and general conduct during the conference. This applies to all sessions you may attend, in-person or virtually, including but not limited to: roundtables, workshops, panel discussions, plenary sessions, and technical presentations.

Participants are expected to abide by the expectations outlined below in this code of conduct and the Zero-Tolerance Harassment Policy above. 

1. Disruptive Behaviour
We ask that all participants respect the efforts of conference speakers / facilitators and your fellow participants in creating a dynamic professional environment for all event attendees. To this end, please refrain from disruptive behaviour that distracts from others’ full participation in the event. This behaviour can include, but is not limited to: talking over or interrupting and not sharing ‘air time’; using phones, and laptops in a distracting and disruptive manner; perfunctory participation in group activities.

2. Respectful Questioning
The conference looks to create a place of inclusion, attendees come from all backgrounds, disciplines and levels of experience in the subject matters being presented. This means that the discussion, activities or question-and-answer period in a given session cannot always speak to your particular knowledge base or experience. Keep this in mind when listening to others and asking questions in a session. During a session, seek to ask thoughtful questions with a broad enough focus that the answers may interest your fellow participants as well. Conference speakers / facilitators cannot always answer all questions raised during a session; however, most are very happy to discuss further following the session.

3. Respectful Feedback
Listen actively to understand what the other participants are saying. When commenting on another’s point of view in a session, or when providing feedback, it is extremely important to maintain a professional demeanour and to focus on constructive comments that point toward future development or future discussion. Analyze and discuss with a focus on the interest or ideas, not people. Understand other people’s perspectives, and respect different points of view. Feedback and discussion is not evaluation: you are not meant to critique your fellow participants, speakers or facilitators. You are sharing observations and perspectives.